Video Game Industry Can’t Catch a Break, Still Struggling

January 100427964-man-looking-at-video-games-store-getty.240x160was not kind to the video game industry.

One major publisher was split into pieces. One high profile development studio was shut down and another seems likely to be headed in that direction. And another publisher is trading in the Nasdaq red zone. What’s going on?


Majesco shares enter dangerous territory

Zumba zumbafitFitness publisher Majesco is in danger of having its stock delisted. Editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the 26-year-old company’s precarious place on the stock market.

For the second time this year, a video game publisher is in danger of having its stock delisted.

Following THQ’s rocky start to the year,¬†Zumba Fitness¬†publisher Majesco’s stock is entering the red zone. For the past 25 days, the company’s stock has traded below $1. And unless things change by Dec. 12, that’s going to trigger a response by Nasdaq.

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