3-D gifts for do-it-yourselfers

Crowded 3d giftsmalls. The eternal search for a halfway decent parking spot. Waiting for hours—only to see the gift your son or daughter desperately wants sell out right before you get to the front of the line. Who needs this version of the holiday spirit?

Imagine if you could buy yourself a gift that makes whatever you want for others—it’s not the ingredients for a home-baked fruitcake to send to friends and relatives, either. 3-D printing companies like MakerBot are making a bet that you won’t need Amazon.com, a bricks-and-mortar retail giant or a bunch of Santa’s elves in the North Pole workshop to cover everyone naughty and nice. A holiday trend of the future will be stockings stuffed and trees underlined with your own 3-D printed designs.

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10 Disruptors You’ve Never Heard of…But Should

Disruption disruptorsisn’t always obvious. In fact, it can sometimes fly under the radar for years, establishing a solid base before upending the ways certain industries do business.

That’s understandable, given the changing business models many startups go through. But just because a business isn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue doesn’t mean it’s not primed to change the way things are done.

Not every company that’s about to shake up (or is in the process of shaking up) its respective industry is a household name just yet, but here are 10 we think you could be very familiar with in the near future.

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