What Dooms Innovation to the Graveyard?

In 100649947-old-pcs-in-trash-gettyp.240x1602003, Nokia had a plan.

Recognizing the enormous market the Nintendo Game Boy Advance was attracting—and being cognizant enough to realize that mobile games at the time were, frankly, terrible— the company unleashed the N-Gage, a cellphone capable of playing video games that had a graphical quality previously unseen on mobile devices.

The idea was sound—but the reception wasn’t exactly what they expected. The N-Gage was jeered by gamers (its intended audience). Web pages mocking its taco-shaped design quickly became an Internet sensation. And reviews were harsh. A redesigned model came out a year later, but it was too late. The N-Gage eventually became yet another disruptive technology that failed to connect with its audience.

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10 Disruptors You’ve Never Heard of…But Should

Disruption disruptorsisn’t always obvious. In fact, it can sometimes fly under the radar for years, establishing a solid base before upending the ways certain industries do business.

That’s understandable, given the changing business models many startups go through. But just because a business isn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue doesn’t mean it’s not primed to change the way things are done.

Not every company that’s about to shake up (or is in the process of shaking up) its respective industry is a household name just yet, but here are 10 we think you could be very familiar with in the near future.

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