Competitive gaming groups wary of porn sponsorship

One eSportsof the largest streaming porn sites on the Internet made waves late last week by announcing via Twitter that it was considering sponsoring a professional gaming team. But officials at some of the industry’s largest tournaments say the company may not be welcome.

YouPorn, a member of the MindGeek (formerly Manwin) portfolio of porn sites, stirred the waters on Friday, asking its 117,000 followers, “Do we have any competitive ‘[League of Legends],’ ‘DOTA2,’ or ‘HeartStone’ players following us? What do you think about YouPorn sponsoring a team?”


Building the iTunes of porn

Porn, SkweezMegoes the legend, is a technological bellwether. It was a chief reason the consumer world adopted VHS tapes instead of Beta, and it embraced putting content online long before the movie or music industries.

But when it comes to monetizing that digital content, the adult industry has fallen behind. While Apple, Netflix and other services were able to persuade customers to pay for songs and programming that were once regularly stolen, porn companies have seen their industry spiral, devastated by piracy.