Competitive gaming groups wary of porn sponsorship

One eSportsof the largest streaming porn sites on the Internet made waves late last week by announcing via Twitter that it was considering sponsoring a professional gaming team. But officials at some of the industry’s largest tournaments say the company may not be welcome.

YouPorn, a member of the MindGeek (formerly Manwin) portfolio of porn sites, stirred the waters on Friday, asking its 117,000 followers, “Do we have any competitive ‘[League of Legends],’ ‘DOTA2,’ or ‘HeartStone’ players following us? What do you think about YouPorn sponsoring a team?”


Building the iTunes of porn

Porn, SkweezMegoes the legend, is a technological bellwether. It was a chief reason the consumer world adopted VHS tapes instead of Beta, and it embraced putting content online long before the movie or music industries.

But when it comes to monetizing that digital content, the adult industry has fallen behind. While Apple, Netflix and other services were able to persuade customers to pay for songs and programming that were once regularly stolen, porn companies have seen their industry spiral, devastated by piracy.


No porn please, we’re British

As porn at workU.K. Internet surfers prepare for major changes to the availability of online porn, U.S. adult entertainment companies are scrambling to determine the potential consequences on their bottom lines.

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Monday that the U.K.’s four biggest Internet service providers will automatically block access to porn sites for both new and existing connections, unless users specifically request that the filters be disabled. The new measures are expected to be in place before the end of the year.


Porn on the Precipice

Last 100377040-porn-convention-entrance-gettyp.240x160year wasn’t the best year for the porn industry.

Piracy continued to ravage the already suffering video business. And scandal rocked the industry more than once. The industry suffered a setback in November when voters in Los Angeles County passed a resolution that made condom use in adult films shot in the area mandatory – and, depending on how the issue is enforced, could mean a lot more than that.


Syphilis Outbreak Prompts Porn Shutdown

For the third time in three years, adult movie studios have largely shut down production as a precautionary measure after a performer was diagnosed with a potentially fatal sexually transmitted disease but didn’t immediately disclose it.

A male performer in the Los Angeles porn community was reportedly diagnosed with syphilis last month, but apparently hid the fact from producers, prompting fears of a spread among other actors and actresses. Several big studios have voluntarily suspended production for an unspecified period, while the Free Speech Coalition (a trade group that represents the adult entertainment industry) has called for a moratorium on filming until all performers have been re-tested for the disease.


Hollywood, Gaming Execs Step Into Porn Takeover Battle

The already hostile takeover fight for New Frontier Media, the publicly traded owner of nine adult-themed pay-per-view networks, has expanded to include a pair of Hollywood power players – one of whom is also a former video game executive.

Longkloof Limited, which launched the bidding in early March, recently announced its intention to nominate four new board members at New Frontier’s annual meeting in an apparent attempt to push its $19 million offer through. (Porn giant Manwin has made a competing $24 million offer for the company.)


Takeover Battle Looms for Publicly Traded Porn Company

Despite a widely publicized downturn in porn industry profits over the past few years, investors still think there’s money to be made there – so much so that a bidding war has erupted for one of the few publicly traded companies with ties to the adult industry.

New Frontier Media, which oversees nine adult-themed pay-per-view networks, including XTSY, TEN and Penthouse TV, has received a pair of unsolicited takeover offers this month as the company’s stock has hovered under $2 per share for over a year.


Are .XXX Domains the Next Porn Battleground?

When the movie industry slapped adult films with an XXX rating, porn companies came to embrace the scarlet letters. But when the nonprofit corporation that oversees Internet addresses rolled out the .xxx domain, the reception was unequivocally unenthusiastic.

Manwin, one of the porn industry’s largest companies, is challenging Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, in an antitrust suit over the new domains. And while most other porn companies haven’t rushed to join the legal fight, they’re watching closely.


Meet the New King of Porn

Fabian Thylmann isn’t a familiar name to most people outside the adult entertainment industry.

But while the 33-year-old managing partner of Manwin lacks the icon status of Hugh Hefner or the grand showmanship of Larry Flynt, he has quietly become one of the most powerful people in porn over the past two years.