Rare 24-year-old game takes eBay by storm

For nintendo-world-championships-carta game that was used in a tournament in 1990, Nintendo World Championships sure is popular these days.

Copies of the ultra-rare title have been popping up regularly on eBay and commanding eye-popping prices. The question is: Are any of the bids legitimate?

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Nintendo’s legendary Famicom turns 30

Thirty Famicom-Console-Set-640x330years ago, Nintendo’s rise to the top of the video game console world began.

Sure, Atari may have started the home video game revolution, but it was Nintendo’s Famicom that took it to the next level, laying the groundwork for the industry as we know it today. That system, which was released two years later in America under the more familiar “Nintendo Entertainment System,” made home gaming cool again.

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Old-school exposé: Blowing on NES cartridges did more harm than good

If you owned a Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day, you probably had a game seemingly crap out on you at some point. Perhaps the game wouldn’t boot  up correctly, or would suddenly stop working in the middle of a loading screen.

For millions, the solution was clear: Remove the cartridge and blow into it again and again until it worked. It was the mid-80s version of wiping a DVD on your shirt — and it seemed foolproof.

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