2014 starts with multiple attacks on gaming sites

The steam-ddosNew Year is off to a lousy start for some of the gaming industry’s largest digital distribution sites.

Valve’s Steam, EA’s Origin, and Blizzard’s Battle.net were the target of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks Thursday night, which overloaded servers and took the sites offline. All three have adjusted their firewalls and are back online at this point.

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Ubisoft now selling competitors’ games through Uplay expansion

Ubisoft uplayis opening up its closed gate community to other publishers. Effective immediately, Uplay, the company’s digital distribution service, will begin selling games from competing publishers – including Electronic Arts and Warner Bros.

The cooperative deal, which will also see Ubisoft games appear on EA’s Origin distribution service, is meant to broaden the avenues for players to find games and expand points of sale for game makers.

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Five great laptops for gaming

When it comes to playing PC games, portability is often sacrificed. The true monster machines are almost always burly desktops.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost for gamers who want to be able to take their systems on the road. While mobile graphics chips aren’t quite as advanced as their desktop counterparts, some can still push polygons at an incredible pace.

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EA ups the ante in its retail game

Plenty of publishers have done a lot of saber rattling when it comes to selling direct to consumers, but that’s generally as far as it goes. So when EA began touting its Origin service a few weeks ago, no one was quite sure how serious the company planned to compete.

These days, though, it’s looking like EA intends to put its full efforts into the fight.

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EA takes on Steam with new ‘Origin’ service

EA is digging deeper into the digital distribution space.

The company has completely revamped its online store, expanding its focus and renaming it ‘Origin’ in the process. The move will put EA in direct competition with Valve Software’s dominant Steam service — and, in some ways, Apple’s GameCenter.

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