‘Minecraft’ deal could be key to Microsoft’s survival

“Minecraft” minecraftis the videogame world’s equivalent of lightning in a bottle—an indie gaming sensation that grew organically, eventually becoming one of the industry’s biggest franchises. It was a game that opened the doors for several other independent developers, who, in turn, brought a new burst of creativity to the industry.

So Monday’s news that corporate behemoth Microsoft was buying Mojang, the developer of “Minecraft,” for $2.5 billion might seem an odd fit to some, but it could be a key strategic move for Microsoft.

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7 reasons you should be playing games on your PC

Console gaming might have commanded center stage for the past six years, but the PC is stealing back the spotlight.

How? It could be because of the sequelitis that’s running rampant in the console world these days. Or perhaps it’s due to the extended lifecycle of the current consoles, which no longer offer the best technology on the block. Whatever the reason, the PC — which many wrote off as a dead gaming system — is back, and it’s back in a big way.

If you’re not playing games on your PC (and we’re not talking about Farmville here, people), you’re missing out. Still sitting on the fence? Here are seven reasons you might want to consider investing in a PC gaming rig.

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Interview: Frank Gibeau on EA’s Expanding Focus In The PC Space

EA’s Frank Gibeau talks to Gamasutra about the company’s position in the casual Facebook gaming market, the renewed focus on PC releases and the increasing dabblings in the freemium business model.

Some publishers are focusing primarily on the online market these days. Others see mobile as the wave of the future. Plenty are chasing the social network audience. And some are sticking doggedly with the traditional game space.

At Electronic Arts, they’re covering their bets.

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