Exploring the Future Junk Drawer

Technology future junk drawerdoesn’t have a sentimental side. As new innovations grab hold of people’s attentions, once-hot gadgets often find themselves relegated to the sidelines. And with the Internet of Everything on the horizon, the cycle seems ready to repeat itself.

There are a slew of things we take for granted now that might not be so commonplace before too long. For instance:

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New School Gaming

While IOT-gamingthe Internet of Everything is relatively new to many, the video game industry has been dabbling in it for nearly a decade.

In 1995, developer Namco began using motion capture to create more lifelike movements in its game Soul Edge. Then, in 2009, Microsoft unveiled the system we know today as the Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. The motion sensing camera introduced a new way for people to interact with games, movies and their consoles.

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