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Xbox One sales more than double after Kinect-less version released

Call it a good news/bad news situation for Microsoft. The good news: sales of the Xbox One “more than doubled” in June, compared to the May figures. The bad news: It’s becoming increasingly… Continue reading

Xbox One commercial might accidentally turn on your game console

In theory, the idea sounds fine. Get a personable, well-liked young star to promote the Xbox One, and, even though you’ve unbundled Kinect from the system, feature it prominently in ads to keep… Continue reading

Microsoft to sell Kinect-less Xbox One for $399 — the same price as the PS4

Microsoft is reversing course on the Xbox One — again. The company has announced it will begin selling a version of its next-generation console — minus the somewhat controversial Kinect peripheral — for $399… Continue reading

Researchers use Xbox One’s Kinect to help kids with cerebral palsy

If we’re being honest with ourselves (and we should), Kinect for Xbox One has been something of a dud. The games integrating the motion-control tech have been so-so and the voice recognition is… Continue reading

New School Gaming

While the Internet of Everything is relatively new to many, the video game industry has been dabbling in it for nearly a decade. In 1995, developer Namco began using motion capture to create… Continue reading

Report details biggest problems with next generation consoles

Everyone’s a critic. And when the subject is next generation consoles, they’re especially ferocious. Sometimes that’s legitimate. Sometimes, it’s user error. (And sometimes, it’s an odd mix of both.) Fixya has dug through… Continue reading

What Microsoft may be up to with the next Kinect

Microsoft may have led the charge in gesture and voice recognition in the home with Kinect, but the competition is coming fast. And given the growth in this market—user interface is expected to top… Continue reading

Microsoft reverses Kinect sensor requirement for Xbox One

Another day, another Xbox One change. Once again, Microsoft has announced a major policy reversal for its upcoming console, revealing that the Xbox One will in fact operate even if the Kinect sensor… Continue reading

Microsoft clarifies ‘always on’, used games fees and more for Xbox One

Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, the world’s been abuzz over conflicting information about whether you’d have to keep the console connected to the Internet, exactly how intrusive the new, improved Kinect would… Continue reading

Man hacks Kinect to let mom send e-mails after a stroke

In 2000, Lindy Ruble suffered a stroke. She survived, but was left unable to recognize text, which made using a PC keyboard — and most Internet-based forms of communications — impossible. But a… Continue reading