Porn company to be official sponsor of eSports team

One PorneSportsof the largest streaming porn sites is extending its reach into the video game world.

YouPorn, one of the portfolio holdings of MindGeek (formerly Manwin), has locked in a six-month sponsorship of the Madrid, Spain-based team known as Play2Win. The team will compete this Friday in the Gamergy competition in Madrid under the name Team YP.


8-year-old gamer scores a sponsorship

Plenty of kids love playing video games, but Noah Solis is in an entirely different league.

Earlier this month, the pint-sized powerhouse (who goes by the alias “The Prodigy”) attended the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) gaming tournament in Las Vegas, decimating opponents in fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3 en route to placing in the top 48.

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