Doom reboot brings old-school carnage to the next generation

There’s Doom 4a lot that’s familiar about Doom – the game many people still think of as Doom 4. Hellbeasts and cyberdemons? Yep, they’re there. Gibs? Tons of ‘em. Fast paced action? You betcha!

But the re-imagining of this classic shooter from id Software doesn’t aim to simply be a rehash of what we’ve played before. Instead, it’s a slick-looking next generation game that stays true to its old school roots.

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Call of Duty fans get their own convention

World of Warcraft fans have an annual get-together. So do EverQuest players, and Quake aficionados.

Now the biggest game in the industry is launching its own shindig — and you’re invited.

Call of Duty XP, a convention for fans of the wildly popular shooter series, will have its inaugural gathering this September 2 and 3 in Los Angeles. Roughly 6,000 fans are expected to pay $150 per ticket to attend the event. Tickets go on sale July 19.