Doom reboot brings old-school carnage to the next generation

There’s Doom 4a lot that’s familiar about Doom – the game many people still think of as Doom 4. Hellbeasts and cyberdemons? Yep, they’re there. Gibs? Tons of ‘em. Fast paced action? You betcha!

But the re-imagining of this classic shooter from id Software doesn’t aim to simply be a rehash of what we’ve played before. Instead, it’s a slick-looking next generation game that stays true to its old school roots.

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Happy 20th birthday, Doom!

Today’s doom-turns-20big game launches are massive media events. Die-hard fans brave all sorts of weather to line up, stores open at midnight, and CEOs hand out the first few copies.

But even the carnival atmosphere of today’s biggest titles pales compared to the launch of the seminal, controversial first-person Doom, which made its debut 20 years ago today.

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‘Doom 3′ is coming back, playable with head-mounted display

Everything old is new again — even hell demons.

Eight years after its initial release, the first-person scarefest Doom 3 is about to hit store shelves again. Bethesda Softworks has announced the Doom 3 BFG Edition — a remastered version of the horror/shooter that includes all of the previously released expansions as well as seven new levels.

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‘Doom’ creator making a new shooter

John Romero, one of the chief architects of the seminal first-person shooter Doom, is returning to the genre that made him a celebrity.

It’s been a dozen years since Romero has made a shooter, but in an interview with Eurogamer, he confirmed plans to return to making action games, though he’s not ready to divulge a lot of details yet.

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The 10 Biggest Videogame Movie Flops

There’s no dancing around the fact that the vast majority of movies based on videogames stink. Absurd plotlines are attached to games that barely had a story to begin with — and those rare games that do have a strong narrative typically see that jettisoned by filmmakers for a different story line.

Being a bad movie isn’t necessarily the kiss of death at the box office — need we remind you of Paulie Shore’s cinematic career? Sometimes, however, the audience is just too smart to be fooled and the film tanks.