Report: Video games make better baseball players

As baseball-video-game-studythe first full workouts of 2014 Spring Training begins this week, Major League Baseball managers may want to give their players gamepads instead of gloves.

A study by the University of California at Riverside, which was published in the current issue of Current Biology, suggests that playing video games can make you a better ballplayer.

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Video games top treatment for dyslexia, say researchers

Most video-games-dyslexiapeople think video games and reading don’t mix, but it turns out a little Halo here and there might actually be effective in treating dyslexia.

So says a group of neurologists from Italy’s University of Padua, who found a correlation between a dyslexic child’s visual attention span and their ability to read. The results of their study, published in the most recent edition of Current Biology, indicate that playing video games for just 12 hours is more beneficial than a full year of intense therapy.

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White House exploring benefits of gaming

The Obama administration is embracing the gamification movement in a big way.

Constance Steinkuehler has been hired as a senior policy analyst at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Sounds like a typical government title, huh? Here’s the catch: She studies video games.

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Study: Video games give seniors a mental boost

Worried that grandma or grandpa might be losing their edge? Get ’em in front of a game console — fast!

A new study published in the current American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds that select video games may have positive mental benefits for older adults, and could help stave off dementia.

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