5 gaming oddities from E3

There cyberbike_630are a lot of really, really great games, hardware and accessories on display at E3 this year.

Then there’s this stuff.

Technology wasn’t exactly polite at this year’s show — both Sony and Microsoft had notable problems at their respective press conferences — but it sure got weird. Poke around the strange little corners of E3 and you’ll find all sorts of bizarre bits, such as these five:

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Scenes From E3

Games themselves are only part of the story at E3 , the video game industry’s yearly gala . To get a real sense of the carnival-like atmosphere at the show, you need to look beyond the carefully coordinated demos and presentations.

The E3 convention is often called a circus – but there are a lot more than three rings. With everything from celebrity cameos to multimillion-dollar booths to scantily dressed models, E3 is a constantly moving, nearly organic being. Capturing all of the show’s eccentricities is impossible, but here are a few snapshots of the video game industry’s annual party/trade show to give you a taste.

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