A geek’s guide to high-tech drink gadgets

Beer, DrinkingGadgetswine and liquor aren’t the sort of thing that generally need a high-tech boost. You pour a glass. You drink it. You’re happy. Right?

But in an era where technology touches pretty much everything, several companies have come up with an array of gadgets, apps and gizmos to facilitate and improve the flow of alcohol for everyone from home brewers to wine snobs. Here are a few of the most intriguing on the market (or coming to it very soon).

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Wines under $20 to impress your holiday party guests

Sure, winewe’d all like to host the party that serves Château Lafite and 1941 Inglenook cabernet, but for most people entertaining these days is done on a budget.

While holiday parties are stronger than ever, you’re more likely to find value wine being poured there than you were five years ago. But just because the bottle doesn’t command a $100 price tag doesn’t mean it has to be swill.

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Getting A ‘Big Break’ at SXSW Harder Than Ever

The annual South by Southwest gathering has plenty of success stories to crow about, but getting a big break here is harder than ever these days.

The show, dubbed “geek spring break” by some, has grown beyond its music and film roots to become a gathering spot for venture capitalists and some of the biggest stars in the tech world. But as it has grown, it has become more difficult for startups to turn heads.

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