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Apptastic: Soundhound

Ever heard a song you loved, but didn’t know the title? Soundhound is an app that can identify that song and make it easy to buy a copy. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio… Continue reading

Apptastic: Yowza!

Earth Day is a memory at this point, but there’s still a way to help the environment and save money. Yowza delivers real-time coupons to your smartphone from retailers that are in your immediate… Continue reading

Apptastic: HootSuite

Social media can be a lot of fun, but it can really chew up your productivity. The HootSuite app lets you manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare accounts all in one place. Read more… Continue reading

Apptastic: Stumble Upon

Looking for something new on the Web? The StumbleUpon website is one of the easiest ways to randomly explore. Well, now that site has put together a mobile app that will take you to all sorts… Continue reading

Apptastic: Game Your Video

Video editing software is too often overly complicated – and ultimately frustrating for people. Game Your Video hopes to break through those perceptions, though, letting you convert plain videos to entertaining ones, using… Continue reading

Apptastic: Figure

Want to make some music? Got three minutes? The Figure app is a quick way to put an original song together, using drums, bass and a synthesizer. Read more (and listen) at KYW… Continue reading

Apptastic: National Geographic Today

It can be kind of hard to keep up with everything that comes out of National Geographic. This app is a daily cliff notes version, though, filled with news, videos, stories and the… Continue reading

Apptastic: Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Unlike its popular console cousin, the app store incantation of Skylanders isn’t exactly heavy on story. That doesn’t stop Skylanders Cloud Patrol from being an incredibly entertaining and time sucking game, though. Read… Continue reading

Apptastic: Alphabeast

Learning the alphabet is always easier for kids when there’s some fun attached. Alphabeast is a flash card app that has received several awards for its clever extras, which range from playable musical… Continue reading

Apptastic: Carrier Compare

Cell phone carriers argue a lot about who has the best coverage, but now a third-party app is bringing some clarity to the discussion. Read more (and listen) at KYW NewsRadio