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Meet Facebook’s new virtual reality competitor

The competition is getting more intense for Facebook’s Oculus Rift. Valve Software, the videogame developer and creator/operator of the industry’s largest PC game digital distribution platform, will unveil its own virtual reality hardware… Continue reading

Oscar and Social Media: An Organic Marriage

Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie was the most buzzed-about moment of last year’s Oscars — reaching a level of popularity so quickly that it managed to break Twitter. But what a lot of people don’t… Continue reading

9 ways to sidestep Facebook’s rising ad rates

It’s not exactly a revelation that Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for business. Sixty-two percent of the 1,000 U.S. residents recently polled by G/O Digital say they visit Facebook to learn… Continue reading

Lessons learned from big social media disasters

Social media is an essential part of business today, but it’s one that should come with a warning label. Interacting with customers and fans of your company can be a tremendous marketing tool.… Continue reading

Oculus fights back against ZeniMax lawsuit

Back in May, virtual reality pioneer Oculus was served with a scathing lawsuit over accusations that it stole technology from ZeniMax Media, the parent company of gaming powerhouse, Bethesda. Now, Oculus is firing back. Read… Continue reading

Samsung is reportedly working on its own VR headset

The world of virtual reality, essentially barren three years ago, is suddenly the Hot New Thing. Samsung is reportedly working on its own VR headset, which would compete against the Oculus Rift and Sony’s… Continue reading

ZeniMax sues Oculus over their virtual reality headset

The battle over VR is getting ugly. After making legal threats earlier this month, ZeniMax Media — the parent company of game publisher Bethesda — has filed suit against Oculus, saying the maker… Continue reading

Could virtual reality flop again?

Facebook’s $2 billion deal to acquire Oculus last month marked the biggest bet yet on the resurgence of virtual reality. While any price tag that hefty for an unfinished, unproven technology is bound… Continue reading

Who hates the Facebook/Oculus deal? Kickstarter backers

Last week, Oculus VR was one of the most loved companies in the gaming world. Today, it’s in damage control mode. Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of the virtual reality headset company shocked gamers… Continue reading

Facebook to buy virtual reality maestro Oculus for $2 billion

Oculus, the leader in the new wave of virtual reality headsets, has been purchased by social media giant Facebook. The $2 billion deal, which is broken into $400 million in cash and $1.6… Continue reading