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App review: Tesla Wars

Tower defense games have been around for a while, but Tesla Wars manages to make the game play feel new. Hurling bolts of lightning at your enemies from the game’s central Tesla coil is entertaining… Continue reading

App review: Don’t Text Me

Texting and driving are a dangerous combination – and Don’t Text Me deserves some measure of praise for attempting to address it. Notifying contacts that you’re driving or working (or otherwise unavailable) is… Continue reading

App review: Chopper 2

There’s a lot to like about Chopper 2, which makes it all the more frustrating that the game has such a steep learning curve. It’s well-polished, has a very clean interface, and offers a… Continue reading

App review: Promini HD

The concept behind Promini isn’t a complicated one, but it’s one that has worked well in other games. The game tries hard to capture the special qualities of Lumines, but never quite gets there. That’s… Continue reading

App review: Tickle Tap Toddler Pack

With a wide variety of games, the Tickle Tap Toddler Pack does an excellent job of maintaining the attention span of young players while teaching them something in the process. None of the five games… Continue reading

App review: AirAttack HD

AirAttack HD is the best air combat shooter in the App store. Anyone who enjoyed Capcom’s arcade standard “1942” (or any of its follow-ups) will instantly recognize its style and appreciate the similarities.… Continue reading

App review: My First Puzzles

Puzzles on the iPhone are a concept that just makes sense – and My First Puzzles gets it right. It’s an incredibly polished game that’s easy for children to pick up and play.… Continue reading

App review: KidFit

It’s nice to see an app like KIDFIT, which encourages children to not only move, but teaches them proper exercise techniques. It’s a shame, though, that the app’s interface doesn’t cater to that… Continue reading

App review: Green Eggs and Ham

GREEN EGGS AND HAM is an impressive, loving adaptation of the children’s classic. It brings the book to digital form in whimsical fashion with easy-to-grasp controls and well-voiced characters. Oceanhouse Media has previously… Continue reading

App review: Plunderland

Plunderland is a side-scrolling game, like early Sonic or Mario titles, that always keeps you moving forward. The premise is pretty basic: Sail from port to port, pillaging as you go, battling the English army, sharks,… Continue reading