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App review: HD Marine Life

Marine HD is chock full of information about the sea. Unfortunately, none of that information is new or original. Every entry appears to be lifted word-for-word from Wikipedia pages, which are free to… Continue reading

App review: Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is one of the first apps for kids to take the needs of deaf users in mind. The ASL interpretation of the book is well done, with plenty… Continue reading

App review: Highborn HD

Strategy games are hard to make for a mass audience, but Jet Set Games has found the formula in Highborn HD. By blending tactical decision making with a good dash of humor and entertaining… Continue reading

App review: Hungry Shark – Part 2

For a low-priced app, there’s not a lot to complain about with Hungry Shark 2, but it’s not a game that’s going to wind up on your most-played list. It’s a fun diversion… Continue reading

App review: Friendly – Facebook Browser

Since Facebook itself hasn’t come out with an iPad app, you have to applaud Friendly – Facebook Browser for making the effort. This is the best way for Facebook fans to interact with the social… Continue reading

App review: Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle might not be the best-known book in Dr. Seuss’s catalog, but this app is made with loving reverence to the story. The voice acting is better than many other books… Continue reading

App review: Little Things

While there’s nothing new about hidden object games, Little Things brings a sense of freshness to the genre by tucking those objects inside clever collages. The hundreds of tiny objects on screen will… Continue reading

App review: Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports for iPad

Madden fans are a diverse bunch. Some want absolute realism in the game, while others simply want a fun football arcade game. Madden NFL 11 for iPad offers both. It’s a gorgeous game that’s… Continue reading

App review: Science Quiz ?

Despite its funny name, Science Quiz ? is a good basic science teaching tool for grade school kids. It’s a good looking game as well. Developers have taken the time to put a little… Continue reading

App review: A Science Quiz

Unlike some quizzes that are peppered with easy questions to appeal to the masses, A Science Quiz takes its mission seriously and forces players to exercise their knowledge. It’s not a program with many… Continue reading