How Apple’s new iPhones could pose a threat to gaming’s major players

Apple iphone-threat-gaminghas danced along the edge of the video game industry’s waters for some time now, never quite jumping in, but staying close enough to keep the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo wary.

With the introduction of the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone 5C during this week’s iPhone reveal event, however, the company took a big step closer — and both console and dedicated handheld system makers have a very valid reason to worry.

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Mobile TV searches for breakthrough

The history of mobile television has been rocky at best. While the allure of streaming live network programming to viewers over their handheld devices is undeniable, delivering that content in ways that don’t abrogate rights agreements and can somehow be monetized has proven mercurial. Loudly trumpeted efforts have fallen short, victims of poor design decisions, overpriced services and/or confusion about the target audience.

While the idea of watching television on a 3.5″ screen might not make sense to anyone in their mid-30s or older, mobile TV is a logical extension of how Generation Me has grown up with entertainment. It’s also a way for broadcasters to reclaim some of the younger viewers who increasingly spend free time multitasking with their handheld devices and may be staying away from TV sets entirely.

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iPhone 5: What does it mean for gamers?

There weren’t a lot of surprises at Apple’s press event Tuesday. The rumor mill was pretty much spot-on when it came to the iPhone 5, taking a little of the wind out of the company’s sails.

But that doesn’t make the iPhone 5 — and the slew of new iPod Touch devices that the company also debuted — any less important to gaming. In fact, Apple might be further cementing its presence as a major player in the video game industry.

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iPhone 5 could have a big impact on games

There’s no question the iPhone 5 will be a roaring success when it goes on sale Sept. 21. But the latest smart phone from Apple could also give certain game publishers a significant boost.

Gaming has increasingly been an important part of the Apple ecosystem – and while video game companies only made token appearances at Wednesday’s press event, at least one says it views the new phone’s release as a major catalyst for the industry.

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iPhone brings cinematography to masses

As studios continue the transition from film to digital, the indie filmmaking community is going through a metamorphosis of its own.

The introduction of video recording options on Digital SLR cameras opened a lot of doors for budding auteurs on a budget, but advances to the camera quality of the latest iPhone could bring a flood of new offerings from people who haven’t previously been able to afford quality video equipment.

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Apple misses on earnings, shares tumble

For the first time since 2004, Apple has fallen short of Wall Street’s earnings expectations.

The company reported earnings of $7.05 per share in its fourth fiscal quarter. While that represented a 54 percent gain in net income, it was still notably less than the $7.39 analysts had expected of the company. Shares fell roughly 6 percent in after-hours trading.

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Opinion: Nintendo Slashes 3DS Price, But Did It Do Enough?

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris questions whether today’s major Nintendo 3DS price drop is enough to “resuscitate” long-term hardware sales in a world of smartphones and Angry Birds.

Welcome to the post-iPhone world, Nintendo. We were wondering when you’d take those blinders off.

Thursday’s announcement that the game giant would be slicing the price of the 3DS by nearly one-third after just four months was significant on a number of levels. But as the mobile gaming world continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace, it may not be enough to secure the system’s long-term future.

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Pokemon coming to the iPhone

Pokemon – one of the biggest guns in Nintendo’s franchise arsenal – is coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But don’t expect Mario and Zelda to follow suit.

The company behind the addictive role-playing series announced plans this week to develop a free Pokemon-based rhythm game for iOS and Android smartphones. And that, somewhat understandably, has led to speculation that Nintendo might be tempering its opinion about mobile gaming and considering making games for other systems.

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