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Slideshow: Top Open-World Games

There’s nothing wrong with tightly-scripted video games, but sometimes, you just want to mess around without stressing so much about reaching the next level. If you’re looking for that kind of wide-open adventure… Continue reading

No end in sight for open-world games

While they’ve always been interactive, video games began as very narrative forms of entertainment. After an initial cut scene, setting the stage for the game, you’d receive your first orders and set off… Continue reading

Where are the new consoles?

It has been a staple in the video game industry for generations now: roughly every five years, the major console manufacturers roll out new systems, packing graphics that are even more eye-popping and… Continue reading

Pac-Man’s headed back to TV – in 3D

Pac-Man, that pellet-eating, ghost-avoiding icon of the video game industry is ready for his close-up – again. Namco Bandai announced late Tuesday that it was working on a new television program featuring its… Continue reading

Richard Branson gets into gaming

Billionaire business mogul Richard Branson blazed trails in the video game industry in the mid-1990s. Now he’s hoping to do it again. Virgin Gaming, the new video game unit of Virgin Holdings, begins… Continue reading

EA heads into E3 with guns blazing

Not too many years ago, Electronic Arts was a company that was avoiding the first-person shooter genre. These days, it’s counting heavily on it. The company showed a lineup that was bullet-heavy at… Continue reading

More console price cuts may be coming this year, say analysts

Thinking about buying an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or even a Wii? You might want to wait a while longer. Game industry analysts say another round of price cuts could be on the way. On some… Continue reading

Need a new job? Play a video game!

Looking to get a new job or secure a promotion at the office? Try playing a round of Modern Warfare 2 or spending some time in World of Warcraft. While, technically, neither in and of… Continue reading

Why don’t players finish games?

If the majority of an audience walked out of a movie before it was over, Hollywood would be buzzing. But when a player quits a video game midway through, it’s not just unsurprising,… Continue reading