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As new motion controls arrive, will the Wii become obsolete?

For the past four years, Nintendo has the market to itself when it comes to motion control gaming. That’s finally coming to an end – and it has some people wondering about how… Continue reading

Inception: The video game?

Christopher Nolan might have the Midas touch when it comes to making movies, but he hasn’t had a lot of luck in the videogame arena. But that’s not dissuading the writer / director /… Continue reading

Why Halo: Reach’s success could be bad news for business

So now it’s official: Microsoft’s first-person behemoth Halo: Reach is the year’s biggest entertainment event,generating $200 million in sales in just 24 hours in the United States alone. That’s two-thirds of what Call… Continue reading

Study: Video game ads boost real world sales

While ads in video games may not be popular, they are effective. A new study by Nielsen finds that targeted advertising can result in a substantial increase in sales – and that could… Continue reading

Surprise! Duke Nukem Forever uncanceled, playable at PAX

Though the game has been presumed dead so many times you’d need an abacus to keep track, “Duke Nukem Forever” is very much alive – and he’s coming to store shelves soon. Take… Continue reading

Disney becomes a player

While Disney might be one of the biggest forces in the film and television industries, it has always been something of an also-ran in the gaming world. Despite a deep catalog of characters… Continue reading

3D gaming: Five reasons it won’t work

To hear some people tell it, 3D gaming is the wave of the future. In just a few years, you’ll be bobbing and weaving in your living room as you play in an… Continue reading

Can motion controllers save the game industry?

2010 hasn’t exactly been a good year for the video game industry. In fact, it’s been pretty lousy so far. While the quality of major titles has been top-notch – with Red Dead Redemption,… Continue reading

No sale: 2010’s most disappointing games

While 2010 has been a bad year for video game software sales in general, it’s been particularly tough for some high-profile releases. Several titles that were expected to be big sellers — or at least… Continue reading

The taste test: Games vs. Movies

Critics and audiences don’t always agree. That’s a given. But the gap between critical and commercial success in Hollywood is significantly wider than what you will find in the gaming world. Despite the… Continue reading