Behind the scenes at the Adult Entertainment Expo

It’s AEE behind the scenesa Las Vegas ritual.

Every January, the adult entertainment industry converges on Sin City with its biggest stars in tow for the Adult Entertainment Expo. Tagging along are dozens of companies hoping to be the next big things in porn. And don’t forget the thousands of fans.


The economics of being an independent porn star

Until Indie porn starfairly recently, the business model for adult entertainment performers was simple: Agents handled their business arrangements, and that was that.

But as the industry consolidates and develops new outlets, a different kind of star is appearing—one in charge of her own destiny. Though independent players are still somewhat rare (agents continue to represent most performers), a few big names are starting to branch out on their own.


Porn Stars: What Might Have Been

There’s a point in everyone’s life when they stand at a career crossroads. Go one way and you end up in your current profession. Go the other and you wind up doing something entirely different.

That’s true not just of people in the traditional business world, but also those in the porn world. Before they began having sex on screen, people in the adult entertainment industry were often working in other fields or studying to be a part of them.

We were curious about what some of today’s top porn stars would be doing if they weren’t a part of their current industry, and tracked some down at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo. Cosmology? Cosmetology? The answers might surprise you. Click ahead and find out.


First Jobs of Porn’s Biggest Stars

Everybody has a first job – and it rarely has anything to do with how you end up making a living.

That’s especially true of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest names. But their first gigs aren’t what you might expect. Sure, some kicked off their resumes with stints in fast food joints, like many teenagers around the country. Several, though, worked in law firms. And one learned the hard way that domestic services were not for her.

We tracked down a number of industry superstars on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo to see how they got their start.


Is the Porn Industry Imperiled?

The porn industry stands at a precipice as it heads into 2012.

Online piracy continues to nip at the earnings of studios, and new legislation could dramatically impact how companies do business. So it makes sense, in a way, that the industry’s annual convention is facing big changes as well.


The Dirty Dozen 2012: Porn’s Most Popular Stars

True superstardom in the adult entertainment industry is a tough thing to achieve. And this year’s Dirty Dozen certainly underscores that.

Just five of the actresses we listed among the industry’s most popular last year make return appearances in 2012, as new faces have come along — and some veteran performers made a comeback.


Porn Pros Turn To Liquor—For Second Career

Cindy Taylor knows her days in her current job are limited.

While her alter ego of Jesse Jane is one of the most popular porn stars in the industry, the hard truth is that the adult entertainment industry’s audience has tastes that change regularly. And there’s always someone looking to knock the leaders off of their perch.


Porn: What’s The Next Big Thing?

The pornography business is a tech bellwether, often sensing the shift in consumer sentiment long before the mainstream world makes a move.

So as the adult entertainment industry’s stars and power brokers walked the red carpet at the recent AVN Awards in Las Vegas – the adult entertainment industry’s equivalent of the Oscars – we polled a few, asking them what they thought would be the next big trend to sweep the industry.


The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s Most Popular Stars

Popularity in the porn industry is often fleeting. Some performers experience a meteoric rise and fall in the course of a year. Others connect with the audience on a different level and manage a multi-year ride at the top.

Though there is no real formula for success in this industry, these 12 performers have proven to be more than just a flash in the pan, with tremendous staying power over the past few years. What’s more there are no signs their careers are in danger of waning anytime soon.