App Review: Disney Comics

Comics are a big part of Disney’s empire, so their entry into the eComic market was inevitable. Thankfully, they added a Disney touch to Disney Comics, making it useful and entertaining. Readers can flip through the comics at their own pace or enable a slideshow that focuses on one frame at a time, letting people see enlarged images and words. Some comics come with sound effects, as well. And the controls let people set the pace of the slideshow — as well as choose whether they want to hear sounds.

The selection of free comics is minimal, but they’re meant as an appetizer. The selection of comics that can be purchased inside the application is decent, but not complete. Disney plans to add two books per week, it says. Some users have complained about bugs and other errors, but updates to the app are intended to addressed this. It’s a good comic app with plenty of reasonably priced comics — though the ones at $2.99 and $3.99 are harder to justify.