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7 ways your everyday life is already cashless

The cashless society isn’t something set in some distant future. For many people, it’s here today. More and more frequently, items and activities that used to have us handing over a $5 or… Continue reading

The next Hollywood-produced blockbuster: A start-up

As technology and entertainment become more closely aligned, more big names in the film and television industries are launching Silicon Valley-like accelerators—short-term programs that include mentorship and education for start-ups—to get early looks… Continue reading

How Disney plans to keep kids hooked on TV

This year is shaping up to be one of the worst customer retention years in the history of pay TV. Cable, satellite and phone companies that offer video services lost 113,000 customers in… Continue reading

Disney finds theme park inspiration in video games

The Happiest Place on Earth doesn’t seem like the sort of location that would require extra distractions, but Disney Imagineers say they’re leaning more heavily on the gaming world to boost the fun… Continue reading

Disney encourages kids to play games in the theater during “The Little Mermaid”

The movie theater is one of the few remaining sanctums where you’re largely safe from the annoying glow of smartphones and tablets. Well, at least until Disney re-releases “The Little Mermaid” on September… Continue reading

Disney takes on toymakers with massive ‘Infinity’ game hybrid

Captain Jack Sparrow attending Monsters University? Lightning McQueen racing The Lone Ranger? What the heck is going on at Disney these days? Previously confined to the imagination of children, these sorts of mashups… Continue reading

Disney Toys with New Games Strategy

When “Disney Infinity” launches later this summer, the videogame-toy hybrid will represent not only a new direction for Disney Interactive, it will also give the Mouse House a unique way to promote its… Continue reading

Tumultuous game industry rocked by wave of studio closures

The sad truth of the modern video game industry is that regardless of how talented (or lucky) a game maker is, nobody has unlimited lives. January was certainly proof of that. A one-time… Continue reading

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ apps show power of small screens

Cinematic storytelling moved beyond the bigscreen long ago. Studios learned that back- and side-stories could be told in one-off books or other media to extend the life of a film or tide things… Continue reading

What does the Disney/Lucas deal mean for gamers?

While there are roughly fifteen trillion (a conservative estimate) debates and arguments raging online about whether Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise is a good or bad thing, George Lucas’ prominent video game arm… Continue reading