Cashing Out Without Killing the Company You Built

Waze’s corporate culturerecent acquisition by Google got a mixed reaction from the site’s community of users. Many were happy to see the company move to the next level, while others feared that the takeover by a corporate giant would destroy the essence of what they have come to love.

Just three weeks before, Tumblr users expressed the same trepidation when Yahoo announced its plans to buy the microblogging site. Popular streaming-video site Hulu is nearing the end a long auction process that has included the exit of top executives. Fears persist that once it is sold, a new corporate owner may amend its core principles.


Building a Great Start-Up Culture

The early days of a start-up throw a lot at entrepreneurs.

There’s cash flow to worry about. There’s staffing. There are often patents or leases to secure. It’s easy for tasks to slip through the cracks. All too often, though, the first to do so is serious thought about the company’s culture.