Secrets of Venture Capitalists

There is no game with higher financial stakes than the one venture capitalists play every day.

A ceaseless flood of hungry entrepreneurs are constantly knocking on the door, seeking funding to help their business advance to the next level and succeed. The most frequently used word in the VC vocabulary is “no” but the real trick to the job is figuring out when to say “yes”.


Building a Great Start-Up Culture

The early days of a start-up throw a lot at entrepreneurs.

There’s cash flow to worry about. There’s staffing. There are often patents or leases to secure. It’s easy for tasks to slip through the cracks. All too often, though, the first to do so is serious thought about the company’s culture.


Entrepreneurs and the Retirement Trap

The dream of running your own business can be a powerful one. Unfortunately, it sometimes blinds people to the world’s ugly realities.

The odds of success aren’t great, of course — but even first time entrepreneurs know that on some level. Startlingly few of the ones who do make it think forward to their golden years, however, which could present a big problem when they’re ready to retire.


‘I Want to Draw a Cat for You’ and Other Start-up Successes

We’ve all had that moment when we hear a business idea and kick ourselves for not thinking of it first. Those are the start-ups that no one’s surprised to see succeed — and then get bought by Google.

Every now and then, though, a company comes along that confounds us — or maybe makes us laugh. A lot of those fail, due to the sheer lunacy of their premise. But when one of those companies succeeds, it’s hard not to be impressed.