Hollywood Taps Videogames as Source of Inspiration

For the past dozen years or so, Hollywood has leaned on classic (and not so classic) television shows as the source catalog for new films. As that trend comes to a close, studios are focusing more and more on the videogame industry.

Despite the tarnished history of videogame adaptations, studios are moving forward with more than dozen big-screen gaming movies. What’s amazing, though, is it’s possible — just possible — that some of these films might not stink.

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Analysis: 2011 – The Year Of Publisher Screwups

It’s only September, but 2011 already has no shortage of publisher screwups — Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris chalks it up to “growing pains” of the new age of digital gaming.

When gaming historians look back at 2011 sometime down the road, there’s going to be plenty to examine.

What might fascinate them most, though, will have nothing to do with the sustained decline in brick and mortar retail sales or the growing strength of digital distribution. It won’t even be the emergence of privacy issues. Instead, 2011 may well be remembered as the year publishers kept screwing up.

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