PlayStation Vita games already discounted

Usually, there aren’t a lot of deals to be found on a system’s launch day.

As early adopters and die-hard fans scramble to be the first on their block to have the latest gadget, companies capitalize on that fervor and have no trouble commanding full retail price, usually for several weeks or even months.

But the launch of the PlayStation Vita is a bit different than other devices.

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2011’s most cinematic game hits stores today

One of the reasons video games and Hollywood have stayed so far apart in the public eye is the gaming world’s casual regard for plot. Games, traditionally, are a series of event moments strung together by a rather threadbare plot (though you could say the same thing about some tentpole summer theatrical releases).

The “Uncharted” series is different – and the release of the game’s third installment today is a good example to non-gamers of what that part of the entertainment industry is capable of when it brings together multiple elements.

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Hollywood Taps Videogames as Source of Inspiration

For the past dozen years or so, Hollywood has leaned on classic (and not so classic) television shows as the source catalog for new films. As that trend comes to a close, studios are focusing more and more on the videogame industry.

Despite the tarnished history of videogame adaptations, studios are moving forward with more than dozen big-screen gaming movies. What’s amazing, though, is it’s possible — just possible — that some of these films might not stink.


AMC, Sony team for Uncharted 3 debut

Want to play what’s likely to be this year’s biggest PlayStation 3 game on a big screen? I mean a really big screen? Get thee to the local Cineplex!

AMC and Sony have teamed up to let gamers play “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” in 3D and in the theater in select cities nationwide.

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Uncharted movie gets new director

After hitting a few speed bumps, the big screen adaptation of Sony’s blockbuster Uncharted is moving forward once more.

Director Neil Burger, best known for Bradley Cooper’s “Limitless” and the Edward Norton film “The Illusionist,” has taken over the directorial reins after David O. Russell walked away from the project due to “creative differences”. And fans of the game are breathing a big sigh of relief.

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App review: Shadow Guardian HD

As it does with so many of its titles, Shadow Guardian HD is Gameloft’s attempt to clone Uncharted, a hit PlayStation 3 fanchise, for iDevices. And while on some technical levels, this app succeeds — the graphics are gorgeous for the iPad platform and it has the requisite blend of jumping, action, and puzzles — it ultimately falls short. What holds the Uncharted series together is a nuanced story with characters you care about. That’s not present here and the game’s flaws are enhanced because of it. The pacing is fine and the combat’s not bad, but without anything tying them together, Shadow Guardian HD ultimately is a mere shadow of a much better title.

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