The many Easter Eggs of Borderlands 2

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Borderlands 2’s over-the-top combat and loot gathering (we¬†definitely¬†are), you have to give the game credit for one thing: It refuses to take itself too seriously.

Not only do the game’s characters spout hilarious lines as they mercilessly mock the player, enemies, and even gaming in general, but the game is loaded with winks and nods to an untold number of other pop-culture icons.

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Eight great Easter Egg hunt tips

It’s a long-standing Easter tradition — and for most kids, the highlight of the day (once the chocolate bunnies are devoured) — but hosting an awesome Easter Egg hunt is a lot trickier than just finding good hiding spots.

If you’ve got a group of little ones headed to your house this weekend for The Big Search, consider spicing up the hunt with these handy tips.

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