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Lindsay Lohan sues makers of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Lindsay Lohan is facing another legal battle, but this time, she’s the one starting the fight. Seven months after threatening to do so, the tabloid favorite filed suit against Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software Wednesday,… Continue reading

How many F-bombs are in GTA V? Gamer counts the curses

Franklin, Michael and Trevor — the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V — are a potty-mouthed bunch. But now there’s conclusive proof that they’re among the crudest characters in video game history.… Continue reading

BioShock creator Irrational Games is closing its doors

Irrational Games, the developer of the hit games BioShock and BioShock Infinite, is calling it quits. Ken Levine, head of the studio, announced the stunning news Tuesday, saying all but 15 employees would be let… Continue reading

Take-Two plays the waiting game with mobile

Strauss Zelnick on Wii U, Oculus Rift, and what happens with Rod Fergusson’s Bay Area studio now that he’s jumped ship to Microsoft. While many video game publishers are racing to embrace the… Continue reading

October game sales race forward thanks to GTA

Trevor, Michael and Franklin might be particularly vicious criminals in Grand Theft Auto V, but they’re heroes to the video game industry. Grand Theft Auto helped propel the industry into positive growth for… Continue reading

Activision ships $1 billion worth of Call of Duty: Ghosts to retail

Numbers don’t lie, but they can be massaged a bit. Activision celebrated the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts with its customary sales trumpeting, announcing that the game sold $1 billion in its first day… Continue reading

Rockstar Games: Time for new IP?

GTA V is a smashing success, but what’s next for Rockstar? Chris Morris examines the possibilities With Grand Theft Auto V shattering entertainment industry sales records, the Houser Brothers and the team at… Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto V garage bug causing cars to vanish

Car theft is a serious problem in Los Santos, but it’s turning out to be an even bigger headache for Rockstar Games. A bug in Grand Theft Auto V is causing cars and… Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto V makes $1 billion in three days, shatters sales record

Well, that didn’t take long. Sales of Grand Theft Auto V have topped $1 billion a mere three days after the game was released, easily setting a new record for the entertainment industry.… Continue reading

New ‘Grand Theft Auto’ finds new ways to outrage critics

Is a video game that requires torture going too far? Critics and gamers may love “Grand Theft Auto V,” but, like its predecessors, the game is proving to be a lightning rod for… Continue reading