Massive EVE Online war destroys over $300,000 worth of virtual goods

EVE eve-online-battleOnline has seen some epic events in its 10-year history, but nothing quite like this.

A huge battle took place in CCP’s massively-multiplayer online space game Monday night, resulting in damages estimated at 11 trillion ISK (Interstellar Kredits, EVE’s in-game currency), according to a CCP representative. Because of the unique nature of EVE’s economy, however, those in-game losses carry a real-world value of up to $331,000. That figure could go even higher, as the developer says it’s still crunching numbers on the battle.

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Meet the Internet’s new public enemy #1

Fame in the hacking community is a rare and fleeting thing. Kevin Mitnick found it – and served time for it. And more recently, the decentralized group “Anonymous” has been the reigning top dog.

But in the last month, a new contender for the throne has made a big push – and a lot of entertainment companies have been casualties of this war.

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5 online games worth paying for

With the number of quality free-to-play online games growing almost daily, dropping $10-$15 per month in subscription fees is getting harder and harder to justify.

Walking away from a free online game, after all, is a pretty easy thing to do. There’s no nagging voice in the back of your head doing the math and informing you of how much money you’ve invested in a game you’re no longer obsessed with. When it’s free, the stakes are low, though often so is the payoff.

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