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LulzSec leader turns informant, feds arrest key hackers

Hacker group LulzSec, whose reign of online terror last summer compromised companies ranging from Sony Pictures to Bethesda Softworks, has been dismantled by federal officials, with the group’s leader apparently acting as an… Continue reading

LulzSec hackers face federal charges

LulzSec, the hacker group that focused its attacks on entertainment studios during the summer of 2011 before vanishing as quickly as it appeared, has been caught. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that… Continue reading

FBI arrests 16 in hacker crackdown

‘Anonymous’ may not be quite as anonymous as they believed. The FBI has arrested 16 people as part of a crackdown on the Internet’s best-known hacker group. These come on top of five… Continue reading

Hackers vs. Gamers

Given how fierce the console wars can get – and how loyal some users are to one brand – it’s not surprising there was a little bit of schadenfreude when Sony announced it… Continue reading

Add Sega to the hacker list – and make another check mark next to Sony

Hackers continue to run amok in the entertainment world. Sega is the latest game company to be hit, following in the steps of Nintendo, Bethesda, Sony and more. Meanwhile, another group claims to… Continue reading

Showbiz sweats hacker attacks

No one in the entertainment world wants to be Sony these days. After a security breach resulted in the theft of personal information in more than 100 million user accounts, it didn’t seem… Continue reading

Meet the Internet’s new public enemy #1

Fame in the hacking community is a rare and fleeting thing. Kevin Mitnick found it – and served time for it. And more recently, the decentralized group “Anonymous” has been the reigning top… Continue reading

Hackers continue to target video game companies

Everyone hates a copycat, but the cyber attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network has created more than a few. For hackers seeking notoriety or fame, there is no easier target these days than gaming… Continue reading

Sony confirms recent hack, calls F.B.I.

Sony Pictures has confirmed that it was the victim of a large scale hacking operation this week and says it has called in law enforcement officials to help find the people responsible. “The… Continue reading

PBS Hackers Claim to Breach Sony Pictures

Just days after threatening to undertake an operation that it called “the beginning of the end for Sony,” a hacker group claims to have compromised the personal information of over 1 million users… Continue reading