Top 10 wearable tech gadgets to watch in 2015

Google apple watchhas gone back to the drawing board with Glass, but wearable technology—an up-and-coming product class for the past few years—finally seems poised to burst into the mainstream.

Once restricted to the athletically minded and early adopters of tech, wearables are priming for tremendous growth. According to CSS Insight’s latest global wearables forecast, sales are predicted to jump from 29 million units in 2014 to 172 million by 2018, with the biggest spike expected to take place this year. Juniper Research is even more optimistic, seeing global revenues from wearables hitting $53.2 billion by 2019, a nearly 12-fold increase over 2014.

That projected growth, not surprisingly, includes all sorts of new products, with a wide range of focuses. Here are 10 wearables expected to launch this year that might be worth keeping an eye on.


Why customer service at video game companies seems so bad

Every gaming customer serviceindustry has its critics, but few are quite as vocal as an enraged video gamer whose game has just inexplicably stopped working—especially when a new console or game is involved.

With consumer expectations set high, and the demand for instant gratification pressing, irritating problems—like new games going on the fritz, or screens blacking out—can be magnified, and consumers’ tempers can be short. Customer service wait times can feel epic, and some problems never seem to get fixed.

Add the echo chamber of social media, and one can get the impression that video game companies are uniquely bad when it comes to customer service. But is that true?


How to train like an Olympian

It’s wearable tech-olympianhard not to assess your own physical state as you watch the athletic feats in Sochi from your couch. And while few of us will ever get to a state of fitness close to what we’re watching on our TVs, technology is making it easier for people to push their fitness efforts further.

Connected wearable technology—such as Google’s Glass or Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch—is still largely a niche product category today, but in the world of exercise, it’s a bona fide movement. There are dozens of devices designed to help people track and improve their workout routines, with more coming every day.