Five must-have Xbox One games

Once Forza5you get your Xbox One – you are getting one, aren’t you?! – it’s time to start loading up on games that will showcase it in the best light.

Just as the PlayStation 4 has games that shine on that system, Microsoft’s new console has some doozies of its own – many of which aren’t available anywhere else. And with Microsoft’s increased focus on a wide audience, there’s something available for just about every gamer.

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App Review: Real Racing 2

Firemint set the bar for racing sims on iDevices — and it has raised it considerably with Real Racing 2. The game is the closest you’ll get to a Forza title in the app store and is sure to overjoy racing fans. The car models are spectacular, the tracks are long and detailed, and (most importantly) the controls are seamless. That’s key, as they’re so often overly complicated in racers.

The in-app purchase option is annoying, but meant solely as a shortcut for people who don’t want to wait to get a muscle car. It’s hardly essential. And the multiplayer mode, through Game Center, works without a flaw. Bottom line: This is a game that redefines quality in the app racing genre.

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