‘Minecraft’ deal could be key to Microsoft’s survival

“Minecraft” minecraftis the videogame world’s equivalent of lightning in a bottle—an indie gaming sensation that grew organically, eventually becoming one of the industry’s biggest franchises. It was a game that opened the doors for several other independent developers, who, in turn, brought a new burst of creativity to the industry.

So Monday’s news that corporate behemoth Microsoft was buying Mojang, the developer of “Minecraft,” for $2.5 billion might seem an odd fit to some, but it could be a key strategic move for Microsoft.

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Microsoft sold 1.1 million Xboxes last quarter

The xbox salessecond quarter – those days that run from April 1 through June 30 – don’t tend to be big saleswise for video game companies. But this year (at Microsoft, at least) seems to be an exception.

The company, as part of its quarterly earnings statement Tuesday, announced it had sold 1.1 million Xboxes in that period – about 100,000 more than it did in the same time a year ago.

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Xbox One sales more than double after Kinect-less version released

Call xbox oneit a good news/bad news situation for Microsoft.

The good news: sales of the Xbox One “more than doubled” in June, compared to the May figures. The bad news: It’s becoming increasingly clear that no one cares about Kinect, which was the console’s big differentiator this generation.

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Buy an Xbox One, get a $75 credit – if you’re among the lucky few

Sony’s xbox onePlayStation 4 may have gained the early lead in console sales, but a new promotion, aimed at a subset of Xbox 360 owners, is offering a pretty compelling incentive to upgrade to the Xbox One.

NeoGAF user BeforeU rooted out the promotion, which offers a code for a $75 promotional credit to select users who buy either an Xbox One or Xbox One bundle. The offer is apparently appearing onscreen for select Xbox 360 owners when they turn their Internet-connected systems on.

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Xbox One commercial might accidentally turn on your game console

In xbox-one-commercialtheory, the idea sounds fine. Get a personable, well-liked young star to promote the Xbox One, and, even though you’ve unbundled Kinect from the system, feature it prominently in ads to keep awareness high.

In practice, though, Microsoft’s latest Xbox One commercial is driving current Xbox One owners crazy as it tries to sell the system to people who don’t have one yet.

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Xbox One adding external storage support, real names

Microsoft X1-external supportis about to tackle one of the biggest problems with the Xbox One.

A June system update to Microsoft’s new console will enable support of external storage devices, alleviating fears that owners will have to delete games when the system’s somewhat paltry 500 GB hard drive fills up.

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Researchers use Xbox One’s Kinect to help kids with cerebral palsy

If xbox-one-palsywe’re being honest with ourselves (and we should), Kinect for Xbox One has been something of a dud. The games integrating the motion-control tech have been so-so and the voice recognition is still noticeably lacking.

Scientists at Canada’s Bloorview Research Institute, though, might have found a way to make it an extraordinarily useful peripheral by using it to help kids with cerebral palsy regain lost motor function.The games being used, reports Polygon, were originally created for the Xbox 360’s Kinect. However, kids (being kids) found that they could use that system’s lack of precision tocheat. The original Kinect also couldn’t discern if a child was in a wheelchair.

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PS4 outsells Xbox One, Titanfall tops charts in stellar March

Gamers y-games-logomay not be buying a ton of games these days, but they’re sure gobbling up game systems.

Sales of video game hardware in March were up a massive 78 percent in March as compared to a year ago, according to The NPD Group. Console sales more than doubled as demand continues for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That surge in hardware sales led to a 3 percent climb in overall sales versus March 2013.

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