Blizzard announces Diablo III expansion

Diablo d3-reaper-topIII is about to get darker.

The clicktastic action role-playing game, which set a record as the fastest-selling PC game of all timewhen it launched in May of 2012, will see its first add-on with the newly announced Reaper of Souls expansion. In true Blizzard style, though, the developer didn’t give a time frame to the expansion’s release.

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Buy one, get one free: Sony introduces Cross-Buy

While many were betting Sony would use its pre-Gamescom press conference as the launch pad for a new round of PlayStation 3 price cuts — or even yet another redesigned model of the home console — the electronics giant opted to leave well enough alone for the time being.

That’s not to say the company didn’t have a couple new offers up its sleeve for fans. Though hardware prices weren’t reduced, Sony did unveil a new program dubbed Cross-Buy that will allow purchasers of select PS3 games to receive the Vita version as a free bonus.

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