Last gen consoles aren’t going anywhere

With last-genthe rush of next generation titles being pushed these days, you might think that Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in your entertainment center is quickly becoming outdated equipment.

And while it’s true that the previous generation of consoles are past their peak years in terms of exclusive releases, game publishers say they have no plans to abandon the platforms anytime soon.

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Critics praise The Last of Us: Left Behind

The Ellie-attacks-cannibal-png_194010Last of Us ranks as one of the greatest games of the last generation and was our pick for the 2013 Game of the Year. But while the solo campaign had a very definite ending, developer Naughty Dog wasn’t quite done with it.

Enter The Last of Us: Left Behind, a long-awaited slice of new single-player content. Like the full game, it’s being warmly embraced by critics. Arriving today, the PlayStation 3 DLC currently boasts a Metacritic average of 86, with several outlets giving the expansion a perfect score.

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Should you sell your current video game system?

The xbox360-ps3countdown is on for the launches of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the next generation won’t be cheap. The PlayStation 4 carries a price tag of $400, while the Xbox One is $500 — and that’s not including extra controllers, subscription fees and, oh yeah, the games.

The good news? Those systems sitting in your entertainment center can help you bridge the financial gap. But they may not get you quite as far as you were hoping.

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Newer, cheaper PS3 hits shelves

Need ps3-slima PlayStation 3 and have absolutely no interest in downloadable games? Sony has a new hardware bundle that might be right up your alley.

A newer, cheaper version of the console has hit the shelves of the company’s U.S. online store, but it comes with restrictions. The $199 PS3 represents a savings of $70 or more off the typical model, though it packs significantly less memory.

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5 reasons to hang on to your current game console

Now 5-reasons-current-consoles-top630that Sony and Microsoft are finally talking about their next generation console systems, all eyes are on the future of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

But despite the marketing shift, the majority of gamers won’t pick up either machine this holiday season — and it could be several years before they do so.

And, frankly, that’s just fine.

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Sony issues fix for firmware update that crashed PS3 consoles

Second ps3-firmware-fixed-top630time’s the charm, right? Sony certainly hopes so.

The company issued a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 on Thursday. Normally this wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy, but this one’s meant to fix all of the consoles that were rendered useless by the last update.

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Gran Turismo 6 racing to PS3 this holiday

It’s GT6been three years since Gran Turismo last revved its engine – but it’s finally ready to pull up to the starting line once again.

The hit driving franchise will release its latest installment – Gran Turismo 6 – later this year, Sony and developer Polyphony Digital announced today. Even better, players will be able to get a taste this July, with a playable demo.

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PS3 Super Slim Could Be A Super Stumble

Just a few short weeks ago, it seemed pretty clear how this holiday season was going to shake out for the video game industry – on a few fronts at least.

The long drought of mediocre titles would be replaced with a steady stream of AAA hits. Nintendo would roll out the first next-generation console system. And Microsoft and Sony would battle the Wii U with the best tool at their disposal: A price cut.

Then came Wednesday’s pre-TGS Sony press conference – and all hell broke loose.


Sony’s explanation for not cutting PS3 prices is astounding

Sony, it seems, thinks you’re not a big fan of price cuts. Or at the very least, they think you’re tired of trying to figure out where the real bargains are.

With this week’s unveiling of the Super Slim PlayStation 3, pretty much everyone thought the company would slash prices on the current, uh, “fat” model to help clear space on shelves for the new hardware.

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