Here, kitty kitty: Monopoly rolls out its new token

Monopoly monopoly-cat-topfans, make room for your new house pet.

Nearly seven months after winning a worldwide vote, the cat token is finally making its debut in the classic board game. Hasbro has officially begun rolling out the new gamepiece, which will permanently replace the iron token.

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Monopoly is getting rid of jail to woo kids

Just monopoly-jail-top630as Monopoly fans come out of their mourning period for the dearly departed iron game token, Hasbro’s tinkering with the formula again. And purists are likely to be outraged.

A new version of the game, Monopoly Empire, is tailored for the short attention span of today’s youth. Among the changes? Plenty of real world brands to own — and no pesky jail to slow things down.

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Rest in pieces: Hasbro to replace a classic Monopoly game token

In monopoly-token-replacement-top630many families, Monopoly fights start long before the property is purchased. Inevitably, every player wants the same playing piece.

Well, it’s time to stand up for your beloved old boot or Scottie dog or thimble, because Hasbro is aiming to get rid of it.

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Six-year-old schools Hasbro on gender equality

When Jennifer O’Connell’s six-year old daughter was playing the Hasbro board game “Guess Who?” with her brothers, she noticed something was a little off.

The game, which encourages kids to guess which character their opponents have chosen based on facial characteristics, features 19 boys and 5 girls. That, the toddler thought to herself, didn’t seem fair, so she decided to hip Hasbro to the issue. And in the end, she proved to be a heck of a lot more cognizant than the corporate automatons she reached out to.

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Now Legal in Scrabble: Thang, Blingy and Grrl

You still can’t use people’s names in Scrabble — but according to the latest update of one major Scrabble dictionary, words like “Grrl” and “Innit” are just fine.

The publishers of the Collins Official Scrabble Words book have added 3,000 allowed words to the game’s vocabulary, including several slang terms, tech jargon and familiar corporate names.


Transformers to roll out in online game

If Michael Bay’s interpretation of the Transformers (and the requisite gaming spin-offs that came with it) wasn’t quite your style, another option is on the way.

Hasbro has tapped UK developer Jagex to create a massively-multiplayer online game based on the 80s toy icon. It’s scheduled to be released in 2012.

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Transformers to get their own MMO game

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the rest are getting their own online world.

Hasbro and Runescape developer Jagex have announced plans to create a massively multiplayer game based on the popular 80s toy line and cartoon series. Unlike recent single-player games published by Activision, though, this will have nothing to do with director Michael Bay’s 2007 cinematic reboot of the series.

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