No porn please, we’re British

As porn at workU.K. Internet surfers prepare for major changes to the availability of online porn, U.S. adult entertainment companies are scrambling to determine the potential consequences on their bottom lines.

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Monday that the U.K.’s four biggest Internet service providers will automatically block access to porn sites for both new and existing connections, unless users specifically request that the filters be disabled. The new measures are expected to be in place before the end of the year.


Will Porn Become a Mainstream Business?

Not 100366745-womens-crew.240x160too long ago, the average consumer would blush when talking about Larry Flynt’s business. Today, they very well may be promoting his company on their shirt.

As the porn film business continues to see revenues decline – a victim of both piracy and the copious amounts of free content on the Internet – more and more adult companies have begun expanding into new fields of business. And business has been good.


The Shared Enemy of Hollywood, Gene Simmons and Hustler

It takes extraordinary circumstances to unite Hollywood filmmakers, one of rock’s most outlandish stars and a porn company. But when you’re facing off against 4chan, any ally is a good one.

4chan, for the unfamiliar, is the Internet’s most infamous message and image board. And its denizens are the online equivalent of Beetlejuice. Mutter their name and they’ll appear, but you may not like the results.



Porn Shutdown May Hurt Web Sites More Than Studios

News that an adult entertainment industry performer tested positive for HIV has prompted most porn film studios to shut down production to ensure the safety of their actors and actresses.

Most big companies, including Vivid Entertainment, Digital Playground, Hustlerand Wicked Pictures, have voluntarily suspended production for an unspecified period.