New Deus Ex game won’t work on jailbroken devices

Planning deus-ex-jailbroken-drm-top630on playing Deus Ex: The Fall on your iPhone or iPad? Make sure your iDevice isn’t jailbroken.

Players of the recently released action game who happen to have jailbroken phones and tablets are finding quite a surprise: their guns have been disabled. Considering how often you need to shoot things in the game, that can be somewhat debilitating.

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CEA speaks out against SOPA

The SOPA anti-piracy bill might be strongly backed by the Hollywood community, but the Consumer Electronics Association – the group behind the annual Consumer Electronics Show – wants no part of it.

In a statement to the House Judiciary Committee on H.R. 3261 – the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (or SOPA) – the organization voiced concerns about the bill, warning of collateral damage to innovation in the electronics field.

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Hungarian police bust pirate ring

Four months after Warner Bros. announced that it would delay the release of its films in Hungary due to rampant piracy in that country, officials have raided a substantial piracy operation.

Police have confiscated a number of computers and allegedly pirated content that belonged to the CiNEDUB ring. Included among the haul was a 70 TB hard drive housing 5,000 movies, 4,000 songs, 6,000 games and computer software.

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Fox, Hulu, time-shifting and pirates

As the bidding war for Hulu heats up (with Google, reportedly, making a strong push at the end), the impact of networks choosing to delay the online broadcast of episodes is starting to become clear. And it’s not pretty.

Fox recently enacted a policy to wait eight days from the original airdate before putting episodes onto Hulu – unless you had a Hulu Plus or Dishn Network subscription. The immediate result of that appears to be a sharp spike in piracy.

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Kim Jong-il, MMOs and the North Korean budget: A love story

It’s hardly a secret that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is a big fan of the entertainment industry, but who would have thought he was using parts of it to fund his government?

Police in South Korea have arrested a group of hackers accused of heading a team that attempted to set up a series of unmanned computers to play massively multiplayer games like “Lineage” and Samsung-owned “Dungeon and Fighter” nonstop. The goal? Gathering in-game points that are convertible to cash.

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Senate proposes jail time for illegal video streams

While it’s already illegal to upload and download copyrighted content, there’s a loophole that lets streaming sites get away with it. The U.S. Senate is moving to close that fast.

The Commercial Felony Streaming Act – a bill that would make illegal streaming a felony – has passed the Judiciary Committee and now moves into the full Senate. If it’s passed, it would carry penalties of up to five years in prison for offenders.

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E3 2011: Snoop Dogg talks piracy, video games

E3 is a magnet for celebrities each year. Steven Spielberg regularly shows up. Robin Williams has been seen sneaking into demos. And earlier today, Snoop Dogg was at the YooStar booth to promote the company’s latest game – “YooStar on MTV”.

Before going out to shill the game, the rapper talked with me about his thoughts on piracy after the Sony data breach earlier this year as well as his favorite games.

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Tennessee passes strict Web entertainment theft bill

If you live in Tennessee and a buddy offers to loan you his or her login to Netflix, it might be wise to politely decline.

A new law in the state, signed into legislation yesterday, makes it a crime to use another person’s log-in to stream video or music – even if that person has given you permission to do so.

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Hurt Locker lawsuit hits record levels

Roughly a year after Voltage Pictures filed suit against alleged pirates of its Best Picture-winning film “The Hurt Locker,” the company has updated the complaint – and it’s a whopper.

The suit has grown from the original 5,000 users to a record-breaking 24,583, topping the number of people being sued for illegally downloading “The Expendables”.

BitTorrent to world premiere feature – intentionally

BitTorrent isn’t usually a service studios want to partner with. The favorite application of movie and software pirates, the service is widely demonized throughout the state of California.

But the makers of The Tunnel will world premier their direct-to-DVD film on the service on May 19  – and they’ve doing so with the full cooperation of Paramount.

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