Famous business comebacks over the last 25 years

Everyone biz comebacksloves a good comeback story. In the world of business, though, they’re rather rare. Generally, when things start to go really wrong for a large company, it’s hard for it to pivot in time to turn unprofitable operations around and regain market share.

Since 1989, though, there have been some marvels in the comeback world. What these success stories have in common is the remarkable leadership skills of their CEOs. Against the odds, these mavericks made bold but necessary moves to sharpen business focus and build the corporate brand. Here are 10 that will go down in history.

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What’s next in technology – and why it matters to Hollywood

Intel’s introduction of its Sandy Bridge chip technology in January was a breakthrough for the computer industry. Suddenly, transferring HD video between devices wasn’t an arduous affair and the chip came with security protocols that were enough to impress even jaded studios – who agreed to begin offering HD versions of film online the same day they hit DVD and Blu-ray – a first for the entertainment industry.

To quote Bachman Turner Overdrive, though, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Presenting the technology of 2016

We’re gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show here – including the barrage of press conferences, keynotes and quirky show floor finds that make the gadget business a fascinating one to cover.

Rather than the typical “What to expect at the show” piece, we thought it might be more interesting to look a little farther into the future, courtesy of the futurists on staff over at IBM.

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