EA’s hot seat: Who will be the next CEO?

Chris EA HQMorris examines six viable replacements for Riccitiello and handicaps the candidates

As the shock begins to wear off over John Riccitiello’s sudden departure from EA, investors, staffers and gamers are starting to look down the road.

JR’s reign at what was once the industry’s preeminent publisher was an uneven affair, with many well-publicized follies, but with plenty of victories as well. More importantly, he was a CEO who wasn’t afraid to gamble – and even if those bets didn’t always work out (like Brutal Legend and Mirror’s Edge), gamers appreciated the risk taken on new IP.

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Who shot JR? John Riccitiello leaves behind a shaky legacy at EA

It’s riccitiellolggoing to be a while before the dust settles on Monday’s executive shakeup at Electronic Arts. And the debate is likely going to last a lot longer than that.

John Riccitiello’s departure Monday afternoon from the company he steered for the past six years certainly wasn’t filled with warm fuzzies. The press release was filled with boilerplate comments and a lack of any real information or affection. And the slipped-in sentence that the company would report earnings at the low end of guidance – or even possibly below it – certainly didn’t add any fondness to the farewell.

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EA CEO pooh-poohs 3D

There might be a lot of executives touting the benefits of 3D gaming these days, but don’t expect Electronic Arts’ John Riccitiello to join the pep squad anytime soon.

The CEO of the industry’s second largest publisher gave his take on the technology in a recent conference call with shareholders – and he was anything but bullish.

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