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New iPhones “on par with next-generation consoles” – Gibeau

Frank Gibeau and his team at EA Mobile spent their Tuesday like a lot of other tech enthusiasts: Grumbling about the quality of Apple’s stream of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch reveal.… Continue reading

Amazon’s Twitch buyout may have little to do with its gaming ambitions

Amazon’s purchase of Twitch wasn’t something we were expecting. The reports, after all, had been quite definitive: Google was going to be the buyer. But on Monday, everything turned upside down. Read more… Continue reading

Take-Two CEO open to buying more studios

“This company is in growth mode,” Strauss Zelnick says. He also praised Microsoft for unbundling Kinect The publisher has just shy of $1 billion in cash on hand – even after spending $227… Continue reading

Walmart jumps into the game trade-in business

Retailer launching large-scale program at 3,100 US stores, aims to disrupt second-hand market While a few competitors have tried to make inroads over the years, when it comes to the better-than-$2 billion per… Continue reading

Take-Two plays the waiting game with mobile

Strauss Zelnick on Wii U, Oculus Rift, and what happens with Rod Fergusson’s Bay Area studio now that he’s jumped ship to Microsoft. While many video game publishers are racing to embrace the… Continue reading

Oculus games may command a premium price

CEO Brendan Iribe would not be surprised to see Oculus games cost more than $60 – he also says “the age of 2D monitors has run its course” The Oculus Rift could open… Continue reading

Ubisoft explains why launch games underwhelm

During the months walking up to a console launch, there’s a great unspoken truth the press, publishers and gamers all choose to conveniently ignore: The first batch of games are going to be… Continue reading

The life of the Nintendo Wii – through the eyes of Satoru Iwata

Chris Morris takes a look back at his many conversations about the Wii with Nintendo’s leader No one had a better view of the development and evolution of the Wii than Satoru Iwata.… Continue reading

PS4, Xbox One take painful body blow from Watch Dogs delay

Chris Morris looks at the ramifications of Ubisoft’s last-minute delay of one of the hottest new IPs in the industry Nintendo will be the first company to tell you about the importance of… Continue reading

Rockstar Games: Time for new IP?

GTA V is a smashing success, but what’s next for Rockstar? Chris Morris examines the possibilities With Grand Theft Auto V shattering entertainment industry sales records, the Houser Brothers and the team at… Continue reading