The Dirty Dozen 2014

The Dirty Dozen 2014porn world loves new superstars almost as much as it loves a comeback story.

That, at least in part, is why the industry’s top stars change so frequently. Fans love to find new performers, but when their old favorites return in front of the camera, the loyalty they retain is something that would make any business envious.

With the industry’s annual expo underway in Las Vegas this week, we’ve once again assembled a list of the most popular female porn stars. Like last year, though, the number of return appearances is minimal. Only three of the actors who appeared on 2013’s list are back this year, though two who fell off after 2012 have returned.


Porn Stars: What Might Have Been

There’s a point in everyone’s life when they stand at a career crossroads. Go one way and you end up in your current profession. Go the other and you wind up doing something entirely different.

That’s true not just of people in the traditional business world, but also those in the porn world. Before they began having sex on screen, people in the adult entertainment industry were often working in other fields or studying to be a part of them.

We were curious about what some of today’s top porn stars would be doing if they weren’t a part of their current industry, and tracked some down at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo. Cosmology? Cosmetology? The answers might surprise you. Click ahead and find out.


First Jobs of Porn’s Biggest Stars

Everybody has a first job – and it rarely has anything to do with how you end up making a living.

That’s especially true of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest names. But their first gigs aren’t what you might expect. Sure, some kicked off their resumes with stints in fast food joints, like many teenagers around the country. Several, though, worked in law firms. And one learned the hard way that domestic services were not for her.

We tracked down a number of industry superstars on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo to see how they got their start.


The Dirty Dozen 2012: Porn’s Most Popular Stars

True superstardom in the adult entertainment industry is a tough thing to achieve. And this year’s Dirty Dozen certainly underscores that.

Just five of the actresses we listed among the industry’s most popular last year make return appearances in 2012, as new faces have come along — and some veteran performers made a comeback.