The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars

Every DirtyDozen2015year, there’s a flood of new actresses who enter the porn world.

Most wash out quickly, but those who quickly amass a fan base can find some longevity. Those fans are the key to success, as studios look for sure bets and tend to invest more in films starring those actresses.


Adult stars taking health matters into their own hands

As Chanel Prestonan industry, adult entertainment is adept at circling the wagons.

Historically, any porn-related health-care crisis has performers, studios, agents and trade organizations reading from the same script: expressing sadness that someone has contracted an illness but quickly following up with a rundown of the industry’s safety protocols and a notation that the condition was almost certainly contracted off the set.


The Dirty Dozen 2014

The Dirty Dozen 2014porn world loves new superstars almost as much as it loves a comeback story.

That, at least in part, is why the industry’s top stars change so frequently. Fans love to find new performers, but when their old favorites return in front of the camera, the loyalty they retain is something that would make any business envious.

With the industry’s annual expo underway in Las Vegas this week, we’ve once again assembled a list of the most popular female porn stars. Like last year, though, the number of return appearances is minimal. Only three of the actors who appeared on 2013’s list are back this year, though two who fell off after 2012 have returned.


Porn and Banks: Drawing a Line on Loans

Chanel chanel prestonPreston knows not everyone approves of her chosen profession. That’s one of the risks that go with being one of the biggest stars in porn. But she never thought it would affect her ability to open a bank account.

Preston recently opened a business account with City National Bank in Los Angeles. When she went to deposit checks into the account days later, however, she was told it had been shut down, due to “compliance issues.”


Scenes from the Porn Convention Red Carpet

While AVN Red Carpetsocial media has had a dramatic impact on all forms of entertainment, the effect on the porn industry has been especially notable.

Perhaps because of the nature of their business – and what they do for a living – porn stars have always been a larger-than-life fantasy figures to fans. Historically, they were inaccessible except for annual trade shows. And the common wisdom was that mystique helped build their star status.

Today, though, stars jostle for the most Twitter followers – regularly communicating with them and promoting their upcoming appearances and films. It’s a new era for porn – so, as they walked the Red Carpet at this year’s AVN Awards (adult entertainment’s equivalent of the Oscars), we asked some of its biggest stars about their thoughts on the impact of social media on their careers – and the industry.


The Dirty Dozen 2013 – Porn’s Most Popular Stars

Fame, 100354788-woman-sexy-legs-02-gettyp.600x400in any part of the celebrity world, is a fleeting thing – but that’s especially true in the porn industry.

A new generation of porn stars is on the rise and while the old guard is certainly not stepping out of the spotlight, there are a lot of up-and-comers eager to take their place.

With the industry’s annual expo under way in Las Vegas Jan. 16-19, we’ve once again assembled a list of the most popular porn stars. This year, however, only four of the actors who appeared on last year’s list make a return.


First Jobs of Porn’s Biggest Stars

Everybody has a first job – and it rarely has anything to do with how you end up making a living.

That’s especially true of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest names. But their first gigs aren’t what you might expect. Sure, some kicked off their resumes with stints in fast food joints, like many teenagers around the country. Several, though, worked in law firms. And one learned the hard way that domestic services were not for her.

We tracked down a number of industry superstars on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo to see how they got their start.


Newcomers To Porn Industry Count on New Business Model

It’s hard to recall  a worse time to jump into the porn business.

Piracy continues to run rampant. Studios are folding at a pace similar to the implosion of the dot-com bubble. And even the future of the industry’s trade show and biggest annual awards show are in jeopardy—as insiders wonder whether the Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN awards will be held next year.