Resident Evil @ 10: Tapping into his inner gameboy

Over the past 10 years, the “Resident Evil” franchise has raked in more than $700 million for Constantine Film — but if Paul W.S. Anderson’s childhood vacations had been more interesting, it might never have made a nickel.

Every summer, his grandparents would take him to a “grim” resort in England, where the only real entertainment for kids was the local arcade. For a long time, that simply meant pinball, but one day he walked in to find “Space Invaders” — and Anderson was hooked.

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Resident Evil @ 10: Digging into myths for ‘Retribution’

When “Resident Evil: Retribution” hit theaters Sept. 14, many of its faces no doubt looked familar — to fans of both the films and games.

The fifth installment in this 10-year-old franchise ranks as its most ambitious. And to ensure success, writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson tapped deep into the game and film’s mythology, assembling a who’s who of characters.

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Resident Evil @ 10: All vid-based adaptations aren’t created as successfully as ‘Evil’

“Resident Evil” is an abstraction in the film world.

It’s a franchise based on a videogame that not only has found an audience, but also continued to build on it with each release. That’s a feat “Tomb Raider” couldn’t manage, even with Angelina Jolie filling out Lara Croft’s short shorts.

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