Traditional Media Grabs for the ESports Control

Eleven years ago, Ted Owen had a dream: to persuade the Olympic planning committee in Beijing that video games belonged in the 2008 Games. The skepticism was overwhelming. And despite the best efforts of the founder of the Global Gaming League, the Olympics came and went without a game controller in sight.

Today, that dream doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Several major networks, including ESPN, NBC and TBS, regularly air eSports programming. And the organizers of the Asian Games, a pan-continental multi-sport event held every four years, have confirmed eSports as a demonstration event in 2018. At the 2022 Games in Hangzhou, China, it will have full medal status.

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Oscar and Social Media: An Organic Marriage

Ellen ellen-oscar-selfieDeGeneres’ selfie was the most buzzed-about moment of last year’s Oscars — reaching a level of popularity so quickly that it managed to break Twitter. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that shot was actually the second selfie she took during the show.

For Josh Spector, managing director of digital media for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the night-and-day difference between the two shots was a victory. DeGeneres taking a selfie, of course, was planned well in advance of the show’s start. But when the first one didn’t take off, Spector and his team adjusted plans for the second — and in doing so, they managed to capture lightning in a bottle.

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Technicolor’s Projects Range from Streaming to Interactive E-Books

Historically technicolora company that focused on the film industry, Technicolor is increasingly turning its attention to working directly with the audience.

But over-the-top services? Videogames? Children’s storytelling apps? Those aren’t the sort of thing the Technicolor brand has traditionally been associated with. Nonetheless, company execs say as consumers spend their leisure time with a wider variety of diversions, Technicolor wants to be with them.

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SXSW: Forget Music and Movies, Interactive Is Where the Drama Lies

South sxsw-interactiveby Southwest may be a haven for music and film lovers, but it has increasingly become known as a geek hotspot.

SXSW Interactive, now entering its 21st year, officially surpassed the music festival in terms of paid attendees in 2010, with 14,251 people on hand. Three years later, the Interactive conference welcomed twice that number.

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Variety’s Breakthrough of the Year Awards Rocks Vegas

CES Janelle Monaemight be winding down, but it’s going out with a star-studded bang Thursday at Variety’s Breakthough of the Year Awards.

Held Thursday evening at the Las Vegas Hilton, the ceremony recognized a select group of rising stars in entertainment and technology. Hosted by “America’s Got Talent’s” Nick Cannon, the event was held in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association.

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Food Network’s Cyber Reach

Even food-network-cyber-reachin the early days of the Food Network, officials knew it would be hard for home cooks to keep up with the chefs on TV. While viewers might be inspired to try something new in the kitchen, noting the recipes and optimal cooking methods posed a challenge.

That led to the 1995 launch of the Food Network website, an online presence that has continued to grow with its broadcast big brother. Today, the site leads the digital cooking division of Scripps Network, spawning several apps and inspiring the sites of sister networks like the Cooking Channel as well as

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Videogame Music Composition Agencies Merge

As halo-4-cool-musicmusic composition becomes a more critical part of the videogame industry, consolidation is on the way for the agents who rep those artists.

Four Bars Intertainment is merging with the newly formed COOL Music Interactive, a game-focused division of the COOL Music Group, whose clients have scored several films, including “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “The Counselor.”

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E3: Frequent Gamers Watch Less TV, Go to Fewer Movies

Video 920x515_singaporegames are beginning to have a more significant impact — both positive and negative — on other parts of the entertainment industry.

An annual study by the Entertainment Software Assn finds that time spent watching television and going to the movies are two of the areas people who are playing more games are most willing to sacrifice in lieu of interactive entertainment.

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Nintendo Puts Focus On Franchises At Pre-E3 Event

While pimkin-3Sony and Microsoft are positioning their consoles as all inclusive entertainment devices, at Nintendo – it’s all about the games.

The House that Mario Built focused on power franchises at an intimate pre-E3 media event, eschewing big announcements to focus on six games coming this holiday season and in 2014.

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