5 ways gaming has changed the military

Games have had a profound influence on everything from how we watch football on television to how we lose weight. As it turns out, they’re also changing the nature of the U.S. military.

While it’s still essential for soldiers to be in peak shape and prepared for traditional ground combat, today’s modern warfare has a strong digital component — and gaming’s influences extend far beyond the battlefield. The Army, for example,spends between $10 million to $20 million a year on licenses, modifications and development of video games.

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U.S. Navy taps gamers to help hunt pirates

Most pirate-themed video games encourage players to strap a parrot to their shoulder and hoist the skull and crossbones. Now the Navy — yes, the U.S. Navy — is asking gamers to walk the other side of the plank.

Starting Monday, the naval branch of the military will launch an experimental online game that hopes to tap the collective intelligence of gamers to help combat real-world pirates terrorizing the waters off the Horn of Africa.

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